General Surgical Procedures

While there are many specialized surgical procedures that should be left to a board certified surgeon, the majority of surgical conditions that occur can be handled within our hospital.  We believe that this philosophy not only saves pet owners money, but also saves the lives of more animals because many owners simply can’t afford the prices charged by larger specialty hospitals. 

When your animal is placed under anesthesia at our hospital, we take every measure to ensure their safety.  We only use the most up to date drug combinations and anesthesia protocols that have been largely established at our very own  Colorado State University.  In addition to safe anesthetic protocols, we place IV catheters in every animal undergoing general anesthesia, adminster IV fluids before, during, and after surgical procedures, and monitor vital parameters such as blood pressure, ECG, and Heart Rate.  We understand that many people consider their pets as part of the family and we treat them as such.