Tabby Road is pleased to announce the opening of its new Boarding and Grooming facility.  By keeping your animals with us, they are treated as if they were our own and are always within close proximity to a veterinarian.  Our kennels are all very spacious (larg
er than what is required by the state), and a large play area is also available for them to be turned out in several times daily. All animals that stay over 7 days get a day for free after the sixth day and all animals that stay over 3 days will receive complimentary baths and nail trims.

General pricing is $38 per night for one dog in a kennel and $17 for the second dog when staying in the same kennel.  Kitties are $15 for the first kitty and $12 for the second kitty when staying in the same kennel.



All kennels have individual windows to allow for natural lighting and also for kitties to do what they do best- lay in the warm sun:)



All kitty kennels have shelves to lay on and beds for each resident.  They will be let out into the larger room several times per day to play.